Millions of inventions occur through the Creators.
We are billions to use their innovations.

It is thanks to the inventors that you use your vehicle. We move and travel thanks to them.

It is thanks to the inventors that energy exists.
The activities exist thanks to the richness of the inventions.

It is thanks to the inventors, engineers, hackers, developers, producers, technicians ... that the press, the media, the cinema, the television, the radio, the telephone operator, the Internet host ... exist.

New technologies and new materials exist thanks to finders and designers.

It is thanks to the talents of architects, companions, and masters that you have a roof, a house and historical wonders.

It is thanks to the short circuits and natural products that the best producers, breeders, market gardeners exist.


The world of culture exists thanks to the creators, the sculptors, the painters, the composers, the writers, the authors ...

The existence to of industry, laboratories, institutions, administrations, states, banks, the stock market, defense and space ... their presence is thanks to the creators of the planet.

It is to the designers, creators, inventors and designers that the instruments exist. Music exists through the creation.