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Eric Lionel Pérez is the founder of the association called INEWS via “Creators of the planet”, “Dragon’s Club”…

He’s an inventor and an industrializer from Toulouse, a pioneer of the web accommodation and the NTIC in France.

INEWS association regroups men and women with the proven skills in terms of event production, thus with individuals and business owners who are ambitious and proactive for the consciousness awakening and the stable well-being of everyone.

Here is a brief summary of my professional career.

My basic training as an « architect », I integrated the companions of the duty and achieved the tour of France to become a carpenter.

- I created many businesses and associations,

- In the 1990’s, I’m 25 years of age. I created a communication and printing agency. There were 15 employees

- Furthermore, I founded another company which its activity was to mass market paper to be printed and also selling desk furniture for SMEs and SMIs.

- In 1993/1996, I work as a salesman in a company called Sécuriville from the group called ESYS MONTONAY, which affiliates from the EMC and is specialized in the high security systems. It’s a technology that is reserved for businesses and industries.

- I then become the director of an agency located in Toulouse for a year. Following the closure of that office in Toulouse I consequently propose my skills at a rival from the name of CET.

- In 1997, I created an individual business under the commercial sign of “NFRANCE CONSEIL” which I am the major shareholder. I developed affiliates and a network of 300 resellers which counted close to 300 000 clients worldwide. The company becomes one of first French businesses that accommodated many websites. In 1999/2000, 75% of the clients from the south west were accommodated at Nfrance. It is the third hosting company of France. At the time, OVH was the seventh hosting company. Today, OVH is the third host company in the world. On top of the accommodation, we offered other services such as the application development. The security and administration servers, internet/intranet and extranet under unix and linux. With Nfrance, I launched the first job market website in Europe (the supply and demand was entirely free). I also launched the very first residential servers via the first ADSL connexions of that era.

- In 1999, I invested in the SA GALAXY TRAIN, where I become the major shareholder. At a later stage of an AGE, the majority of the shareholders vote and appointed for me to become CEO. That company carried out interactive games for multimedia and educational purposes, under the format of a CD/DVD for 3 and 6 years old kids, under the character name of “Charivari”.

- In 2009, I am mandated to represent an association called Alliance for healthcare. I contribute in the development of alternative medicines in the region of Midi-Pyrénées.

- In 2010, I founded a company called GREENS BEAUTY, which I am the major shareholder and manager. I import from all over the world, flowers and plants. Particularly, orchids and other hybrids. Our purpose was to resell to florists and the region of Toulouse.

- In 2010, I founded the association called TERRE EN VIE, which launched a national campaign on the quality of tap water. With this association, we have also organized conferences on a project concerning eco villages which presented a fortnight of small individual ecological houses of 40 square meters. Every house had a 300 square meter ground and a natural swimming pool, car shelters for a rent of 180 euros per month. It was for anyone with low income such as retired people, people with no job and students.

- I am also a creator. I have developed a mini power plant (electrical generator with mechanical kinetic movement that was given by the magnetic repulsion force) that has functioned for eight years non stop, day and night.

- In 2013, I founded a joint stock company called ORMELIA INDUSTRY FRANCE which I am the major shareholder and president. Its principal activities are the realization of energy engines that do not require any fossil or fissile. It does not create greenhouse gas and it doesn’t present any danger for the health of any human beings or the environment and is part of the research and development.

- This year, I have decided to create an association for Innovation and New Energies World Summit called « INEWS » with the event called « CREATORS OF THE PLANET ». To this day, no international event has rewarded inventors of our previous centuries without forgetting the inventors of today. The purpose is to value the work and inventions which encourages general interest.

- I think and consider that such a historical event was missing for the inventors. An international event that combines newsworthy, artistical, scientifical, political, educational and learning aspects. This event will take place as an annual competition that will last for 12 days. It will favour the revolutionary technologies in the entire world and will bring solutions easily against global warming and for the preservation of our biodiversity. So it is for our health and our survival.

I propose the launch of this first event in Toulouse. For that reason, the association will mobilize the excellency of inventors, scientists, senior executives and businesses. It will also develop its actions and principal financial organisms particularly to encourage support to businesses that are developing breakthrough innovations.

Through this event, the associations’ goal is to gather and help by all means necessary inventors that will preserve the environment and the planet. We will mobilize many countries for the pilot of its actions. To identify national and international participants starting with SMEs to large industries.

Our goal will be to identify inventors in a global scale. For that reason, we need your help, your accompaniment, your support and your presence.

The operation of our association will also consist of, beyond the annual organization of this festival, to simplify relations between all NGO’s and ecological associations and the protection of nature but also the biodiversity in the world. We encourage the constitution of research teams, In the hope of a better understanding of environmental problems that will bring relevant solutions.


Eric L. Perez, has introduced the idea, the object and interest of this association.

Eric Lionel PEREZ, fondateur et président de l'association INEWS,premier sommet mondial des créateurs de la planète,festival des inventeurs