For 12 days, Paris becomes the global hub

of creation and innovation


To welcome the "

world summit

We will place a distinction, to encourage, compensate and support the makers, finders, inventors, researchers, designers, creators, pioneers and visionaries.

For that, we have launched an annual planarian event that will last for 12 days and is called “CREATORS OF THE PLANET”.


This world summit will put in distinction inventive geniuses, the innovation, the talent and the creativity.

It will awaken the natural momentum of creation, to boost the desire to complete it in a group. It will stimulate the consciousness, for giving new hope, put to the light new favorable horizons for the well-being of all.

This annual summit and its prestigious award ceremony will be relayed directly by the worldwide large media, in complementarity of an international sporting event, of large festivals of cinema and of Nobel Prize. The beneficiaries of those prices will be the creators.


The first edition of this summit will be held in 2022.

The summit is:

  • a worldwide permanent selection of the Creators through internet,

  • two prestigious ceremonies (opening and closing of the summit),

  • a myriad of celebrities committed in the changing of paradigm,

  • An immersive festival that is open public in multiple continents for education purposes, participants and inspiring reason,

  • A daily prestigious awards ceremony during the TV web show which gives rewards to creators that come from 80 countries,

  • A global operation of financial participative,

  • A forum “C.O.S.E” – Consciousness & Open Source Economics,

  • A cycle of 80 conferences,

  • Solidarity challenges “We are UN”, for the benefit of certain regions in the world, by teams of Creators in collaborative mode,

  • Creators from the past, those allowed and those who marked our revolution, are honored.


Those awards will allow the creators to receive support to pursue, solidify and disseminate there work.

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