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We are business leaders, innovative creators and of richness’s, initiators, artists, creators: everyday, we raise new challenges!


We are aware of the absolute necessities to execute the understanding and useful disruptive innovation to the regeneration and the durability of our ecosystem, which is indispensable to our common future!



On the hour of our biggest challenge of our time, it is essential to act.




INEWS – Innovation and News Energy World Summit – organizes the biggest assembly of inventors, scientists, researchers, creators, designers, artists and industrials which innovates and conceives to transcend our world!


An original event, a historical moment.

A big global celebration which will reunite the intelligence of the past, the present and the future.



Knowledge is a matter that travels in the infinity. Sharing of knowledge grows the consciousness and the soul.

We want to solution our environmental impact and give hope to humanity.


“You cannot resolve a problem with the same type of thinking than whom created it!”


INEWS will present new ways of thinking and will approach the limits of conventional science at different phases of expressions.


It will lead us to realize and will raise solutions.


It will be the first global prestigious event and open public tainted of a spiritual intelligence.


Every topic of a summit, 4 vectors will be underlined: the vision, the change, the awakening and the transmission.

The organizing team cultivates a spirit of universal friendship through cooperation and agility. On the profit of its own creative energy and a high level of quality of its accomplishments


We are at your disposal if you wish to obtain more information

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